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VR House Project

This was a project my partner and I did for her Art Degree. I had to learn Unreal and how to get it work with VR using our Vive and she learnt how to model in Blender to create the items. It is her childhood home re-created from her memory alone. It took us about a year and the final product was very cool and worked pretty well.

If I was to do it again I would have some better work flows in Unreal, it now has much better integration with VR as I had to build my own character rig for movement and interaction with the world using the Vive controllers.

Final Project

Laying items out and basic interaction

Creating the bedroom

First demo before VR implemented

VR Controls

Almost done

Playing with mixed reality, no built in plugins at this point so we had to set the camera in a known fixed position and then used green screens to build the image. We used a special capture program to cap foreground and background separate.

Mixed VR